Feng Shui In Interior Design

The decor that you pick should be diverse in both colour preference and material. After this, it is imperative to mix and match these items in perfect coordination or combination to exude a transformation of the spaces before what it was before.

One of the interior design styles that have taken centre stage lately is the Feng Shui concept which hails from ancient Chinese heritage. For millennia, the Chinese heritage has been associated with Buddhism which brings to light mental peace and the art of channelling energy for positive growth. It is exactly the concept this theme is founded on.

Feng Shui

The attractiveness of this concept is based on how well you mix and match items especially in the placement of accessories within any space. If anything, the furniture and lighting accessories should be symmetrically placed to create balance. The ideas are considered genius yet simple in nature. All you need to do to accomplish this is to avoid placing furniture in corners and instead opt for placing such items with paired objects such as sculptures.

Feng Shui Concept Elements

Sculptures and furniture are considered as an embodiment of the elements attributed to these concepts. The complete list of elements is as follows:

  • Earth
  • Metal
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Wood

As for earth elements, they include plants such as flowers which represent life energy. Ideally, they add vitality and freshness thereby changing the atmosphere when you combine them with fire which in this case is natural light or any lighting fixtures in general.

Living a Furnished Sustainable Lifestyle

Most humans desire to live a long life, but there is no handbook to it. However, living a ‘furnished sustainable lifestyle’ is somewhat close to the longevity of life. A furnished sustainable lifestyle is an eco-friendly lifestyle. An eco-friendly lifestyle is a sustainable lifestyle through materials that will furnish and design your house to your desire. The 21st century presented with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) calls for everyone to be environmentally friendly. Therefore, designing your home and life should involve materials that speak aesthetics to you and the environment in a friendly manner.

Use of Natural Light

Nature has blessed earth with natural light, which can be used in moderation to bring the best out of an interior design. A well-lit room brings the elegance of the room both daytime and at night. The design should consider the room arrangement ad how or where the house will be built for efficient light penetration. Light is not a tangible material, but it is a naturally sustainable source any interior designer should not miss.


Bamboos exhibit flexibility, nature (green), strength, and sustainability. These fast-growing plants provide your interior space with the feeling of antique. Bamboos are used in their natural state and can be curved to different designs. A piece of well-crafted bamboo furniture offers a solid beauty that might last generations in your interior space.

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed Woods provide a natural element when it comes to design. The material comes in different shapes, sizes, and even types of wood such as oak, mahogany, cherry, etc. Most homes have a product designed with wood. However, woods are not to be useful anyhow because afforestation is encouraged. Wood products such as plywood are available from companies such as Tylko. Tylko ensures that they use reclaimed wood for interior design, and trees are protected by obtaining their woods from certified partners that protect the environment.


Glasses are suitable for accentuating a room, giving it class and spark. Combined with light in moderation, glasses are recycled and can be smelted in different shapes as you desire. Glasses have different types, such as seas glass, and they give the style, theme, of beauty to your home.

In conclusion, a furnished sustainable lifestyle is achievable with friendly materials that make you environmentally conscious. Other sustainable, eco-friendly materials that can be useful for interior design include feathers, grass, iron, stones, leather, LED Bulbs, etc. Sustainability requires creativity, and this century has proved to us that necessity is the mother of invention.

How to Store Vinyl Records

With technological advancements, we no longer bother to save music on compact discs (CDs) due to other convenient storage mediums. However, you realize that people appreciate vinyl records as part of a great tradition. Some of us even play our music from the records and get a chance to connect with the past. Unfortunately, storing these antique items becomes a headache, especially if you are an ardent collector. You can utilize these interesting and imaginative ideas to store your vinyl records and share them with your future generations

Corner Storage

The corners. of our rooms, be it the bedrooms or the living rooms, often have so much unused spaces. With a few tools, more planning, and creativity, the corner spaces are a great spot for storing our vinyl records. Some of the options include

A Shelf by the Door

A shelf at the corner space can take different but interesting designs. They offer great spaces for storing our vinyl records. Building the shelves at the corners in our living rooms gives room for more storage, including our mini-stuffed animals and plants that enhance warmth in the room. Placing the records at the corners enables us to display our collection and allow visitors to marvel at the collection. If DIY is not for you, Tylko offers perfect vinyl storage shelves that you can easily install using their manuals and creatively arrange your records and avoid clutter.

Storing Records in Drawers

Your corner spaces are also perfect for drawers near your houseplant. It is also the perfect spot to place your records player. The creative arrangement makes it easy for you to pick a record from the drawers and play it. You can have the draws professionally made and painted to suit your house style. Alternatively, if your DIY confidence is strong, you can make the shelves and store the records using an easy pattern such as alphabetical order. You can further use miniature vinyl stickers to make the shelves interesting and fun.

Turn Vinyl Shelves into Benches Imagine shelves that double as benches where you get to sit and take your cup of tea near your houseplant. If the image excites you, turn your vinyl shelves into benches and add a cushion on top, it’s a perfect place for you to sit and chat with a friend or your kid. You can get to listen to your favourite records and enjoy the moment.